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A Bellevue Orthodontist Can Show You The Way to a Straighter Smile

For decades, most people have typically associated braces and orthodontics with a mouth full of metal, but with today’s technology that is no longer the case, now tools like bellevue invisalign exist to ease your concerns. There are now a whole host of orthodontic options, and while they offer a multitude of benefits, all the different options can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. Fortunately, the friendly, professional staff at Smiles of Bellvue can arrange a meeting with an orthodontist who can explain all of these options and determine which one is right for you.

Invisalign Invisible Dental Braces

More Than Just Cosmetic

While many dentists emphasize that the appearance of crooked teeth can be an eyesore, your Bellvue orthodontist will also explain to you that the risks of misaligned teeth are more than just cosmetic. Improper alignment can cause excessive wear on your teeth and obstruct the alignment of the jaw, resulting in jaw pain. At Smiles of Bellvue, we understand the importance of proper tooth alignment and its relationship to your overall health.

Results in Months, Not Years

Traditionally, braces usually required a 3 to 5 year commitment, and results were often not noticeable until all of the metal brackets were removed. With newer alignment options, customers can complete the alignment process in as little as 6 to 24 months. With less commitment, less discomfort and faster results, there’s never been a better time to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Your Bellvue orthodontist can make the whole process so seamless that no one will even know you are getting braces.

In Good Hands From Start to Finish

At Smiles of Bellvue, we understand that braces require maintenance and adjustment – that’s why we don’t just put your braces on and then send you on your way until it’s time to get them removed. Your progress will be monitored every step of the way, and adjusted accordingly so that you can get the most personal fit by someone who knows your smile inside and out.

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