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Bellevue, Family Dental Care 101

When it comes to family dental care in Bellevue, look no further than Smiles of Bellevue for all your family’s oral care needs. We know that choosing a dentist for your family takes time to find the right professional with the experience and expertise required for your family’s oral care, along with the respect and caring that your family deserves. That’s where Smiles of Bellevue comes in. We specialize in oral care for both children and adults, making family dental care one of our distinguishing features.

Our doctor, Todd Lawson, is a parent himself and he understands how important finding good family dental care in Bellevue can be. He knows that time should be taken to educate your children on the importance of oral hygiene. He will share this same knowledge with any member of the family, ensuring your whole family gets the attention they need to take proper care of their mouth and teeth. Education, along with proper care for children and adult teeth, is why finding good family dental care, like Smiles of Bellevue, is so important when taking care of your family.
Not only do we educate and care for your family, but we make office visits fun too. We make sure you can be a part of our team by taking part in our procedures. You can even play with our intra-oral camera that works like a video camera, giving you a cool close up of your mouth.
For families living in Bellevue, Smiles of Bellevue family dental care is the way to go. We will make sure every member of your family walks away happy, satisfied, and (most importantly) smiling.



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