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Dental 911: Do I Need A Root Canal?

Oh, no. The onset of a toothache. You are hoping the pain will just go away. But then it progresses into severe pain. What should you do?

Here are the five the signs that your tooth pain could, in fact, be a root canal.

Sign 1: Does your tooth hurt when you chew or apply pressure to it?

While that is the first sign of a root canal, don’t freak out, there are other signs you should be looking for as well.

Sign 2:  Notice the color of the tooth that is in pain. Does it appear to be darkening?

dentists and sore teeth

Sign 3:  A prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

This sensitive continues even after the temperature has been removed from your tooth.

Sign 4: The appearance of swelling and or tenderness near the gum of the tooth

Sign 5:  A recurring pimple showing up on the gums

If you have two or more of these symptoms it may be in your best interest to call a dentist.

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