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Fight Dental Plaque With An Amino Acid

A recent study has shown that an organic compound called Arginine is effective in reducing dental plaque. The study lead by Alexander Rickard, an assistant professor of epidemiology from University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, shows that the amino acid halted the formation of dental plaque. When we eat, bacteria sticks to the surface of our teeth and starts to colonize and form biofilms. Dental biofilms, or plaque, are the main culprits of dental caries, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. The study found that L-arginine disintegrates these biofilms by changing the behavior of the bacteria that prevents them from latching on a tooth’s surface. The finding also presents this amino acid as a safer alternative to current biocide agents such as chlorhexidine and other antimicrobials. Arginine, or L-arginine to be specific, is a common amino acid occurred naturally in our bodies and in some of the foods that we consume regularly. It is also available as supplements for promoting

heart health, general well-being and an increase in energy. Arginine is found in our daily diet such as poultry, fish, meat and dairy products. The compound is also being used in many dental products that cater to those with tooth sensitivity. At Smiles of Bellevue, our dental care extends beyond the regular cleaning visits. We strive to provide a comprehensive oral care for our clients that includes dental hygiene practices and diet that promotes dental health. Todd Lawson D.M.D. has been practising dentistry in Bellevue, WA, for many years, and as a family dentist, he is the first choice of the community in Bellevue.



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