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Learn What Foods Your Teeth Need to Stay Away From

fd_driedfruit_1The reason for most cavities nowadays? The misconception about how certain foods affect your teeth. Many foods are known to the society as “good for your teeth.” But, the truth is that not all foods benefit your oral health. In this article, Bellevue’s best dentist will help you recognize the worst foods for your teeth so that you know what to stay away from.

Hard candies

Hard candy looks somewhat harmless compared to other sweets. But, the fact is that they are very harmful. First, the constant exposure to sugar can cause tooth decay. Secondly, they can be the reason for dental emergencies such as a broken or chipped tooth. This Bellevue dentist recommends replacing the craving for hard candies with sugar-free gums that have the ADA seal.


Many people think that chewing ice is harmless because it is made out of water and it doesn’t include any sugars or acids in the ingredients. This is false; chewing on hard substances such as ice may damage your enamel and may increase the possibility of dental emergencies. We love seeing you at our Bellevue dentist office but not if that means you have a dental emergency!


We are raised to believe that all fruits are good for us and there is no limit on how much we should eat them. Even though consumption of fruits might be healthy for the body, that might not be the case for your mouth. Constant exposure to citrus can weaken tooth enamel, leaving it sensitive and vulnerable to tooth decay.

Coffee and tea

If these beverages are consumed in their original form, they can be much healthier choices. But, people tend to add many different additives such as sweeteners. Even if used in their original form, constant exposure to these drinks can stain teeth over time.

Dried fruits

The sound of it makes it seem harmless because it is made out of fruit. Unfortunately, dried fruits usually have added sugars, which make them more like candies. But, even if they didn’t have sugar, the stickiness of them is the worst part. These snacks stick to your teeth and can be a major factor for tooth decay.


Everybody loves potato chips. It’s known to many people that potato chips are bad for health, but very few know that it’s actually bad for your teeth as well. The starch from potato chips gets stuck in between teeth and can lead to plaque buildup.


Plaque bacteria use sugar to produce acids that attack your enamel. Plenty of sugar can be found in most soft drinks. Other types of soft drinks such as diet soda are also bad for your teeth because of the high acidic content. Either way, try to stay away from soda as much as possible. It’s not good for your health, and it’s definitely not good for your mouth.

Alcohol drinks

These drinks are bad for your teeth for many reasons.

Sugar and acids are both found in them.
Excessive drinking can cause saliva reduction which can lead to tooth decay over time.
It can increase the risk of mouth cancer.

Sports drinks

Even though sports drinks can help you hydrate, they are filled with sugar, your mouth’s worst enemy. Try to use hydrating packets that can add electrolytes to your drinking water without any sugar.

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