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4 Misconceptions About Family Dental Practices

There are a lot of misconceptions about general and family dental practices. Many people are anxious and even avoid going to their family dentist due to misconception.

The following are a few common misconceptions about family dental practices such as Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles:

Family dentists are judgmental – In fact, dentists are well-trained professionals who check their judgment long before the door to ensure they are providing the best service possible. Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles family dental practice aims to provide our patients with genuine dental help to improve their oral health without highlighting preventable problems.

Family dentists provide pain – While some procedures can be painful or uncomfortable, not all visits to the dentist have to end in pain. Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles provides our patients with the highest comfort and care possible in family dentistry, no matter the specific procedure. dentist pain

Family dentists only look at teeth – Cleaning and caring for teeth is a big part of family dental practices but it is not the only part. Our family dentists perform a thorough examination of our patients’ entire mouth. Everything from the gum line to the jaw structure is examined. Our family dentistry can also perform basic cosmetic dental procedures to help you fix up anything that you don’t like about your mouth and oral care.

All dentists are the same – While all dentist have to go through intensive training to be family dentist certified, not all dentist perform the same producers or have the same technology available. Some family dentist practices are more advanced than others. Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles is one those family dental practices that is always looking for new and advanced technology and procedures to give our patients better care. We upgrade our procedures and continue on-going education to make sure we are always on top of the game, providing our patients with procedures that will improve their oral care for years to come.

The misconceptions about family dentists are common, and they prevent many people from getting regular dental check-ups. Our family dental practice at Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles works hard to eliminate misconceptions and provide our patients with the best family dentist experience possible. Visit us and become a part of our dental family to experience the best in WA.



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