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Avoid Cavities This Easter with Better Candy Choices

16371179163_77744b106e_zEaster is upon us, and so are delicious Easter candies. Even though Easter is something to look forward to, the candies really shouldn’t be. It’s a shame that sweets have to be so bad for your teeth, but just like the Doctor said in Doctor Who, “We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one.” Same thing goes for your teeth. We all have smiles, but it’s up to us to make it a good one.

It’s easy digging into Easter baskets and enjoying the delicious variety of sweets, but you have to be ready for the consequences. We’ll talk about how you can keep tooth decay to a minimum this Easter with proper brushing and oral health tips. We’ll also help you choose your candies more wisely.

The Worse Candies for Your Teeth

Hard candy

Candies such as lollipops, jawbreakers, and jolly ranchers are some of the most dangerous ones for your teeth simply because of how long they take to dissolve in your mouth.

Sticky and chewy candy

These types of candies tend to be most people’s favorite. These candies tend to get stuck in the grooves and corners of teeth which can be a major reason for tooth decay.

Sour candy

Candies such as Sour Patch Kids, WarHeads, or sour Skittles can be highly acidic. Constant exposure to the acid found in these candies causes enamel erosion.

Better Candies for Your Teeth

Sugar-free Lollipops & hard candy

These candies are close enough to sugary hard candies to feel like the real thing. Yet without sugar, these candies can actually be more helpful than harmful. These candies can boost saliva production and help prevent dry mouth which contributes to creating cavities.

Sugar-free gum

Sugar-free gum not only stimulates saliva production, but the gum itself helps remove particles that are stuck between teeth. This makes sugar-free gum the best option to satisfy cravings for sweets while also cleaning teeth.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a rich source of cocoa which hinders the growth of the bacteria responsible for plaque buildup. Don’t indulge too much, as dark chocolate still contains sugar.

Try to mask your craving for candy with some sugar-free gum this Easter weekend. If you decide to eat candy, at least you know which ones to avoid or what the consequences are. After the holiday, if you need a dentist, we’re always here for you. Visit us online at or call 425-455-2424 today.



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