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Bellevue Dentists Reveal the Reality of Soda and Your Teeth

The majority of the American population consumes at least one sugary drink on a daily basis and very often, this sugary drink is a soda. While most people associate sugary drinks with health problems like diabetes and obesity, prolonged exposure to sugary drinks can also lead to dental problems. In fact, Bellevue dentists warn that drinking soda, or any other sugary beverage, can lead to tooth decay and eventual cavities.

The Reality of Soda and Your Teeth

The main problem for your teeth with drinking soda is the presence of its high sugar content. When the sugars interact with the natural-occurring bacteria in your mouth, an acid has formed that attack the tooth enamel. The erosion of the tooth enamel due to drinking soda often leads to tooth decay and cavities.

Not Just Sodas 

soda match chart

While soda is often targeted as the enemy to dental health by dental health experts, Bellevue dentists want you to understand that soda isn’t the only beverage that can lead to cavities. Any beverage with a high sugar content, such as sports drinks and even fruit juices can be damaging to teeth.

Healthy Alternatives

The best way to avoid the problems sodas and other sugary beverages can lead to is to stay away from them as much as possible. If you must drink a sugary beverage, it’s best to immediately drink a glass of water and brush your teeth.

If you have any more questions about how to best protect your teeth from the harmful acids sugary drinks and sodas can bring, get in touch with our Bellevue family dentists at Smiles of Bellevue. Schedule an appointment with our Bellevue dentists today and preserve your smile for years to come.



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