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bellevue dentists for teeth whitening

Bellevue Dentists On Tooth Whitening and Sensitive Teeth

One of the more controversial topics in dental care over the past couple of decades has been that of tooth whitening. Thankfully, research has proven most whitening methods, including bleaching, are a safe and effective way to get the appearance of whiter teeth. According to Bellevue dentists, the majority of tooth whitening products on the market today have shown no negative effects on the teeth or gums.

The Truth About Tooth Whitening and Sensitive Teethbellevue dentists for teeth whitening

In past years, bleaching your teeth for a whiter appearance could lead to increased tooth sensitivity. This was mainly due to higher levels of bleach concentration used in the past. Thankfully today, these bleaching gels have been adjusted accordingly to make sure that tooth sensitivity is no longer as big of an issue.

There are still situations where tooth whitening can result in tooth sensitivity, especially when patients consume cold or hot foods and beverages. According to our Bellevue dentistry, tooth sensitivity usually disappears on its own within a couple of days. If the sensitivity persists, there are a few simple methods of addressing this:

  • Try brushing with a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Ask your Bellevue dental care specialists for fluoride products to use after whitening.
  • Stop whitening for a few days to allow your teeth time to adjust to the whitening process.

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