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Cosmetic Versus Aesthetic Dentistry

Smiles are as unique as the people they are attached to. Everyone has a different smile, and different teeth to go along with that smile. However, one of America’s latest trends is all about perfecting the smile. Whether it be through aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, dentists everywhere like Smiles of Bellevue are providing these services to their patients.

While many may use these two terms interchangeably, there is actually a big difference between aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry refers to restoring naturally beautiful smiles and proper teeth placement. Rather than searching for the perfect smile, aesthetic dentistry is focused on fixing the natural smile. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on accentuating unnatural beauty through procedures like teeth whitening, dental jewels and even piercings. Cosmetic dental procedures have become more popular in the last few decades. Smiles of Bellevue specializes in both aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

We here at Smiles of Bellevue offer dental enhancement procedures, such as preventative oral care, bonded white fillings, invisalign and other aesthetic dentistry procedures. We also offer cosmetic procedures, such as our state-of-the-art ZOOM Whitening at Bellevue, WA, adding a sparkling white touch to all cosmetic dental procedures we undertake.

Aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are commonly confused among most people, but Smiles of Bellevue knows the difference and how important each dental specialty is to our patients. Our dental implants, ZOOM whitening procedure, Invisalign and other dental practices will give our patients the smiles they’ve always wanted at a price they can afford.



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