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Dental Advice from Bellevue Dentists: What Causes Bad Breath?

What causes bad breath? It’s something that we all strive to defeat and do away with before we interact with anyone else. More often than not, a simple oral hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing, is enough to quell the oncoming halitosis. While bad breath can be difficult sometimes to identify, the causes of chronic bad breath are quite clear. These are some of the most common causes that can lead to someone suffering from bad breath.

What causes bad breath even after brushing?

A Case of Morning Breath

Most people have probably noticed the way their breath smells immediately after waking up from a night’s sleep is less-than-ideal. According to Bellevue dentists, this is completely normal as the mouth can get dry during sleep, and it isn’t until the saliva in your mouth starts flowing again that this goes away. What causes bad breath sometimes is something as simple and natural as saliva.

It’s All in What You Eat and Drink

We’re all familiar with eating something with a strong scent of garlic and it lingering on your breath for longer than we’d like. What people aren’t as familiar with is exactly how this happens. Certain chemicals in some foods can get into the bloodstream and be breathed out of the lungs and back through your mouth. These chemicals are usually what cause the bad breath. Thankfully bad breath related to foods and drinks are generally short-term and go away after enough time has passed.

Nasal Problems

Other than dry mouth and the things you consume, there are actual medical conditions that can lead to a case of bad breath. In the case of a sinus infection, for example, a polyp stuck in the nostril can lead to bad breath. This is more noticeable the more you breathe out through your nose and thankfully, these types of medical problems are easy to identify because of other symptoms such as sinus pain or a blocked nose.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The Smiles of Bellevue dental care facility is here to help you and your family maintain their oral health and determining what causes bad breath in adults. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and are in need of a trusted dentist in Bellevue, make an appointment with our team today.



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