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Dental Healthcare Around the World

As you know by now, dentistry is the branch of medicine involved with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the oral cavity (or mouth area). The history of dentistry dates back 9,000 years. Some even consider it to be the first specialization of medicine. Smiles of Bellevue, Bellevue family dentist, is one modern-day dental practice out of many.

The world’s first dental school opened in Ohio, but dentistry has been around the world and back. In fact, the “father of modern dentistry” is widely known to be a French surgeon named Pierre Fauchard. However, dental school is not consistent around the world.

For example, dentists in Israel would have different recommendations for wisdom teeth than dentists in other parts of the world. Dental school in some nations take less time to complete than in other nations. Most Westernized countries usually require at least four years of postgraduate study in the dental field. The European Union requires post grad education to be at least five years. In Britain, the practice of dentistry is even more regulated. Anyone wanting to practice dentistry must be registered with the British Dental Association.

Here in America, dental schools have been popping up since the 1800’s. The first dental school as described above is now a dental museum. Smiles of Bellevue opened in Washington State, 98004. Dr. Todd Lawson earned his dental degree from Boston University School of Dentistry.

As a Bellevue family dentist, he continues to participate in what is called lifelong education, taking a postgraduate education course to ensure his dental education is always up to par. This commitment is just one of the reasons why Smiles of Bellevue is on standard with the most successful dental practices in the country and around the world.



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