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Get to Know Dr. Todd Lawson of Smiles of Bellevue

Hey everyone! My name is Todd Lawson, and I am a dentist in Bellevue, Washington. If you are watching this video now, you are either on my Facebook page, YouTube page or even my website. The idea I have here is to start posting more videos letting you all to get to know me a little better. If you are going to be a future patient, existing patients or even family and friends, I want you all to know who is going to be working with you.

I am going to use this format now to post videos of my staff and team as well as some procedures to help you understand what we do a little better. I will talk about many different things that interest me such as sports and stories that have happened to me over the years in dentistry. I want to utilize this platform to talk to you all about not only random facts about myself and our staff here at Smiles of Bellevue but things that are fun and educational to the dental industry. So continue to check in with us to see our latest posts and what he have going on here at Smiles of Bellevue.

Meet Dr. Todd Lawson

Dr. Lawson earned his dental degree from the Boston University School of Dentistry and is a member of the Seattle Study Club. He has taken numerous postgraduate education courses, focusing on complete comprehensive dentistry, including training in root canals and cosmetic dentistry such as implants. Staying true to his belief in lifelong education, Dr. Lawson is continuously evaluating new dental methods and technologies to provide his patients with the best results.

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