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How to Keep That Smile Looking Good

Smiling is important to everyone, Smiles of Bellevue included. Our daily lifestyles can encourage or prevent healthy smiles, depending on how well you take care of your teeth and oral hygiene. Dental specialties, such as aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Bellevue, can help encourage healthy and happy smiles for anyone that doesn’t have the good looking smile they deserve. The following are a few tips for those looking to improve that smile:

– Establish good dental hygiene practices – Dentists everywhere, including Smiles of Bellevue, recommend people brush their tether twice daily and floss daily too. Not only do these practices help keep your teeth healthy but also helps to keep your smile looking good.

– Avoid ingesting things that cause stains and yellowing teeth – Drinking dark drinks daily, like coffee, and smoking daily can cause stains and discoloration over time. A good rule of thumb that Discover Good Nutrition mentioned is this: If it can stain a white cotton shirt, it can stain your teeth. Keep this in mind next time you go to light up or grab that second cup of coffee.

– Rinse after you eat/ drink – One way to avoid teeth discoloration while continuing to drink coffee and eat fruit and vegetables (that easily stain) is to rinse after you eat. Things like blueberries, dark sodas, red wine, and many other food and drinks can stain a white cotton shirt, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop consuming them. Simply give your mouth a good rinse after eating or drinking will significantly help to prevent tooth stains.

– Consider cosmetic dentistry and/or aesthetic dentistry – Depending on how your teeth look, it might be a good idea to consider aesthetic or cosmetic dental practices. Aesthetic dentistry refers to restoring a natural looking smile, focusing on fixing teeth and gum alignment mostly. Cosmetic dentistry focuses more on creating a beautiful smile, using techniques such as Smiles of Bellevue’s ZOOM whitening procedure, white fillings and porcelain coverings.

No matter the person or place, everyone needs a good smile to show the world. Smiles of Bellevue in Washington is here to give that smile to all our patients in the Washington area. Look into our cosmetic dental procedures and ZOOM Whitening to see how you can improve your smile today.



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