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New Technology Allows Dentists to Discover Cavities Years Before You Do

Sometimes cavities just seem to appear out of nowhere. You have an apparently perfect smile at one visit, only to have a large cavity at your next one. In actuality, the cavity probably was there at the first visit; it was just too small for both the x-rays and the dentist to spot during the exam.

Now there’s a new tool dentists can use to detect these tiny cavities and help you avoid needing larger fillings later on. It’s called the Laser Scanner, and it’s capable of detecting cavities years before they appear on x-rays so that they can be filled with a small invisible bonded filling instead of needing the full treatment.

checking teeth for cavities

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The Laser Scanner can also be used to help patients with unexplained tooth sensitivity for which there’s no apparent cause according to x-rays and examination. This pain could be caused by tooth decay that can’t be detected by these methods; so instead of recommending a toothpaste for sensitive teeth or even a root canal if the pain gets worse, dentists will be able to find the cause of the pain and take care of it much sooner than they could before.

The best way to combat cavities and other oral health problems is through thorough at-home care and regular visits to your dentists. Contact us today to make an appointment!



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