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The Difference Between Family Dentists and General Dentists

Family dentistry and general dentistry are very similar, which is why we specialize in both forms of dentistry here at Smile of Bellevue/Eastside Smiles. However, there are subtle differences that can make a big difference in selecting the right dentist for your family.

First, general dentists may restrict their practice to a specific age group. If no one under the age 16 can be treated at a dentist’s office, then it is not a family dental practice. Smiles of Bellevue/Eastside Smiles does not restrict the age range of our patients. Our doctors are experienced in both adult and children dental procedures. These procures include, but are not limited to, fluoride treatments, root canals, dental implants and filling cavities regularly.

Family dentists focus on oral hygiene maintenance and education. Our practice focuses on providing children and families with oral hygiene education and wellness. General dentist tend to focus less on oral hygiene maintenance and more on cleaning teeth with dental examinations that prevent future tooth decay. Restorative dentistry is also the responsibility of general dentists. Although, Bellevue family dental practices like Smiles of Bellevue/Eastside Smiles are experienced in cosmetic dental procedures for our families.

Family dentists should be prepared to serve patients of any age with a variety of dental problems. Smiles of Bellevue/Eastside Smiles is prepared for just this. Our holistic family dental Bellevue practice includes invisalign, cosmetic procedures, dental implants and anything else your family needs when visiting the dentist. Visit our Bellevue location and become a part of our Bellevue dentist family so your family members will keep their beautiful smiles for a long time.



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