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What Makes a Good Family Dentist?

Finding a good family dentist is more than just finding someone to take care of your teeth and gums. It’s about taking care of the well-being and oral hygiene of the patients, giving them the smile they want and the care they deserve. Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles is proud to be that family dentist in Bellevue to so many of our patients. But what makes a good dentist? The following questions will help you research and decide the right family dentist for your family.

1. Are they licensed? It is easy to find the answer to whether or not a family dentist is licensed. Simply check with your state’s Dental Board. This information should be found online.

2. Are they thorough? This question is a little more difficult to answer and might require some research. Check their website to see the types of services they provide. Pay attention to signs of continuing education and technological advances in the family dental practice. Pay attention to how they speak to you. If they act like they care and described thoroughly what they are going to do, they are probably a good dentist to try out.

3. Are there recommendations? Check with family, friends and neighbors. Look online at online reviews and see what other people are saying about your family dentist selection, and other family dentists in the area. Oftentimes, word of mouth more accurately portrays signs of a good family dentist than all the online research in the world.

Ask yourself these simple questions and you will find that finding a good family dentist, like Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles, is easier than you think. Our family dental practice in Bellevue is a comfortable and caring environment for our patients, young and old.



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