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Why do Kids Hate the Dentist?

Hate is a strong word, but kids everywhere tend to hate visits to the dentist. It could be the loud noise, the sharp and pointy instruments, or just the fact that visits to the dentist can hurt. Often times, this childhood fear develops into severe dislike of the dentist in later years. Family dentists often experience this issue, which is why it is so important that family dentists treat their families as kind and careful as possible. In order to give families the care they need, it is important to first know why kids hate going to the dentist so we can appease them as much as possible. The following are a few reasons why kids don’t like the family dentist:

– The Apprehension – The only thing that is good to a kid about going to the family dentist is that they get to leave school for a few hours. Other than that, the apprehension of going to the dentist is distressing, especially waiting in the waiting room.

– The Tools – Everything from the silver pointy instruments to the drill can be off-putting to a child, especially the drill. The drill not only sounds loud but also has a burning smell when used. The use of the drill can feel invasive for children (and most adults).

– The Pain – No matter the age, sometimes dental procedures hurt. Sure the Novocain will numb the mouth, but the shot still hurts. The numb mouth can lead to inadvertent biting of the tongue or cheek. Plus, the mouth is usually left sore and teeth might not come together comfortably afterward.

No matter the age, dental experiences can be unpleasant. Family dentists, like our Bellevue family dental practice, should be aware of the reason people and kids are apprehensive to go to the dentist. After all, poor family dental experience as a child can lead to avoidance of the dentist later in life, which can lead to unhealthy teeth due to irregular dental visits. Smiles of Bellevue / Eastside Smiles knows how important good family dentist experiences are in childhood. We apply a holistic and wellness approach to our family dental practice and provide our patients with the care, comfort and peaceful atmosphere they are looking for. Visit our Bellevue family dentist for more information on how we can best serve your family.



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