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Why Early Childhood Dental Care Is Important

Did you know that the sooner a child begins getting regular dental care checkups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives? In fact, early childhood dental checkups can help prevent tooth decay and cavities, which often lead to pain and other dental issues. A recently published study in the American Journal of Public Health states that children with poor dental health were nearly three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental care issues. In addition to poor school attendance, children who suffer from dental problems often have their speech affected and have difficulty eating.

However, if you begin teaching your children early about dental care, in addition to scheduling regular dental care check-ups, many of these problems can be avoided. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that every child should visit the dentist by age 1 or as soon as their first tooth appears. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other children’s organizations also report that tooth decay is the most common form of children’s dental disease in the country. As a result, it’s very important for parents to establish a good dental care plan from the very beginning of their child’s life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also stated that tooth decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever in children. In fact, more than 40% of children suffer from tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten. Children with tooth decay are also much more likely to suffer from dental care issues, such as cavities, when they become adults.

Since pediatric and family dentists see children frequently for dental care check-ups, they are in an excellent position to identify children who are at risk for dental care problems. In addition, your child’s dentist will help ensure your child receives the appropriate care and that you are educated on their dental health.

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