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10 Dental Secrets Your Dentist is Probably Too Polite to Tell You

For most of us, going to the dentist is something that we try to get through as quickly as possible, and stopping to chat with the dentist is usually not our top priority. However, a quick chat with your dentist could help you brush up on your check-up etiquette and make your trips to the dentist much more pleasant. Here’s a look at the things your dentist might be thinking, but doesn’t want to tell you. 1. The Dentist Doesn’t Want to Wear Your Lipstick The dentist is one of those places where you just shouldn’t wear lipstick. All it’s going to do is get everywhere, including the dentist’s gloves and tools. skipping lipstick for the dentist 2. Just Because Nothing Hurts Doesn’t Mean Nothing Is Wrong There are plenty of illnesses that cannot be detected by pain or symptoms, and your mouth is not immune to this phenomenon. Don’t skip out on your regular check-ups just because it doesn’t feel like anything is wrong. 3. Oral Health Is Connected to Your Overall Health We like to think that dental hygiene is in its own separate category, but dental problems can either indicate or be a cause of more serious health issues. 4. Dentists Can Tell if You Haven’t Been Brushing Yes, even if you brush really well just before going to the dentist, that’s not going to make up for bad oral hygiene habits. dentists warn against skipping brushing 5. If Your Gums Are Bleeding, Something is Wrong Contrary to

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popular belief, bleeding gums isn’t something that just happens; it’s a serious sign that requires medical attention from your dentist. 6. You Can’t Hide the Effects of Tobacco from Your Dentist Smoking and tobacco products are absorbed deep into the tissues of your mouth. No amount of brushing, rinsing, or mints can mask the effect (and the smell) from your dentist. your dentist can tell if you've been smoking 7. Just Because You Can’t See it, Doesn’t Mean it’s Not Important Many dentists state that their patients have periodontal disease in their back teeth, but not in their front teeth. It’s important to clean your entire mouth when you brush, not just what you see. 8. Ideal Oral Hygiene Requires 10 Minutes of Brushing Per Day Most adults barely brush for two minutes, and children often brush for less time than that. Two minutes is not enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 9. There’s No Such Thing as “Soft Teeth” Dentists often hear patients say that they have tooth decay because they inherited “soft teeth” from their family. The truth is that there is no such thing as “soft teeth.” 10. Mouthwash Can Actually Make Your Breath Worse Many popular mouthwash brands contain alcohol, which can dry out your mouth. A dry mouth is more susceptible to tooth decay and can leave your breath smelling worse than before. Try to opt for alcohol free brands if you use mouthwash. Keeping these tips in mind will hopefully make future trips to the dentist a breeze – and your dentist will probably thank you for it. If you’re looking for Bellevue dentists to give your smile a tune up, contact Smiles of Bellevue at (425) 455-2424.



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