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Smiles of Bellevue: A Cosmetic Dentist Beautifying Your Smile

Smiles of Bellevue is a Bellevue-area leader in cosmetic dentistry. From tooth-colored fillings and whitenings to veneers, crowns and bonding, Smiles of Bellevue offers a wide-variety of services designed to give you the beautiful, movie-star smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Porcelain Veneers: In Two Visits or Less

In as little as two visits, we can transform your dull and discolored teeth to straight, polished pearly whites with our custom porcelain veneers. The porcelain coverings bond to your teeth, covering any teeth that may be gapped, misshapen or discolored.

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Teeth Whitening: Get a Stunning Smile In Less than an Hour

At Smiles of Bellevue, we use ZOOM2!™ bellevue teeth whitening, a safe and effective tooth-whitening procedure that’s been featured on the TV Show “Extreme Makeover”.

Why you should give ZOOM2!™ Whitening a try:

* 33 % faster than regular whitening procedures
* 67 % less sensitivity than regular whitening procedures
* Procedure takes less than an hour
* We’ll give you the instructions and supplies so that you can continue the whitening process at home


Bonded White Fillings: White, Natural-Looking Dental Fillings

We don’t use metals or mercury, just bonded white fillings. Let one of our Bellevue cosmetic dentists give your teeth a clean, polished and uniform look. No more ugly black fillers!

Metal does not bond well to teeth, which means that decay can leak into the tooth, which can result in cavities. We’ll replace your amalgam silver-mercury fillings with bonded white fillings.