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Do You Really Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

What was once par for the course – having your wisdom teeth removed sometime in your teens or 20s – is now being questioned by experts in the dental field. Some doctors feel that it’s okay to leave these teeth alone. For some people, it’s simply unnecessary to have these teeth taken out, particularly if they aren’t causing a problem or are not threatening to cause an issue in the future.

do you really need your wisdom teeth removed

This doesn’t mean that you can let them be without a second thought, though. It’s important to regularly have X-rays taken of your teeth. Just because your molars don’t hurt, that doesn’t mean they’re totally healthy, either. Molars without symptoms could still result in painful, long-term infections down the road. In turn, infection can weaken the bone and even affect your overall health.Whether you trust your dentist or want the opinion of an oral surgeon, have your teeth and third molars examined on a regular basis for ideal dental care.



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