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summer oral health tips from bellevue dentists

Summer Dental Tips From Your Bellevue Dentist

Summer is almost here! Avoid any emergency visits to your Bellevue dentist by getting your kids to eat right and protect their teeth. Your kids get on a crazy schedule during the summer, and with all the extra excitement and activities, dental accidents can come at a higher rate as well. Protect your children’s teeth this summer with these simple tips for healthy teeth.

Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

Maintain Your Routine

It’s important that even though your child is on less of a fixed schedule, they need to maintain their regular oral hygiene routine. Bellevue dentists also recommend summer as the perfect time to replace any old, worn out toothbrushes and stock up on travel-sized toothbrushes and floss for those summer trips.

Healthy Summer Snacks

This is something you should be trying to do all year long, but it becomes especially true during the summer when your kids will be home more often. Stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables is always great, but getting your kids to eat them is the tricky part. Your Bellevue dentist suggests trying a healthy dip like hummus to help entice your kids to eat them.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

The best way to prevent a dental emergency this summer is to make sure your children make smart choices when they’re out being active. Bellevue dentists also suggest that you also prepare yourself with a dental emergency kit to deal with any situation that could arise.

The absolute best thing you could do to protect your children’s teeth this summer is to schedule an appointment with your Bellevue Dentist at Smiles of Bellevue.



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