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Dentists Warn Against These 3 Drinks

Everyone likes to have something cool to drink during the day. This is actually something we need to do: we can’t live if we don’t stay hydrated. However, not all drinks are created equal, especially when it comes to causing tooth decay. Here are the three worst offenders that you should avoid if you want strong, healthy teeth.

Soft Drinks Back when they were first sold, soft drinks were came in much smaller bottles — and having one was a real treat. Nowadays, we drink 24-ounce bottles without thinking anything of it, and the effects on our teeth are clear. Pop is extremely acidic, so it eats away at your tooth enamel and

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causes cavities. The sugar in it has the same effect. The more you drink, the more enamel you’ll lose; so if you must drink pop, make it a very occasional treat instead of a regular part of your diet. dentists warn of sugar in soda Energy Drinks Like soft drinks, the acid content of energy drinks means that while they may give you a boost of energy, they’re not doing your teeth any good. Making sure to get a good night’s sleep is better for both your energy levels and your teeth. Sports Drinks Most people don’t think of sports drinks as causing tooth decay, but their high sugar content means that the more of these you drink, the more cavities you’ll have. Unless you’re a high-level athlete, you probably don’t need them anyway; so you’re better off sticking with water. Sports Drinks and Your Smile

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Even if you avoid these drinks, it’s still important to get regular dental check-ups to make sure your smile stays bright. For your next check-up, call the best dentists in Bellevue: Smiles of Bellevue.



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